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Marathon marathon
03/30/2001 1:30 PM PST ~Evihcra
That's what you can have this weekend - heck, it could go on for months - thanks to Evihcra's newly opened Lh'owon Ar'kives. If it's been made for Marathon, it's probably there; if you've made Marathon mods - maps, scenarios, total conversions - yours can be there as well.

We can dance if we want to...
03/30/2001 11:05 AM PST ~Apple
Oh, that's Mac OS X Dance, not Safety Dance (link advisory: if the Java doesn't kill you, the JavaScript behind that central 'no hats' link might). There's no May pole involved, but Apple has posted video of rabid Mac addicts at one of last weekend's release parties, along with some choice written coverage of the reaction to OS X.

X Philes: relocating the Dock
03/30/2001 10:17 AM PST ~MacAddict
It hasn't even been a week, and interface hacks are already surfacing for Mac OS X. Naturally, the most hackworthy bit of Aqua (namely, the Dock) is among the first targets, and just as we're about to roll up our sleeves and hit the Terminal, Austin Shoemaker gives us Docking Maneuvers. (Update: version 1.1 adds international support!)

Made to be broken
03/29/2001 2:45 PM PST ~* infotainment only *
You know we're the first ones to say warranty, shmarranty - but we found word (thanks, MacNN) of a hack that even we wouldn't try, warranty or not. But we're not above rubbernecking. Said hack involves a blazing soldering iron, a tiny resistor, and the last place you should be poking around with a blazing soldering iron: a PowerBook G4's motherboard. If we need to say it: do not try this at home .

Master key: esc
03/29/2001 2:28 PM PST
Ah, the escape key: probably the least-used key on your 'board, but we just picked up a tip that might change all that. Besides escaping game startup movies and the dreaded force-quit, is there anything it actually does? How about cancel out system alerts and dialog boxes? Believe it - and it works in OS X and OS 9, and probably earlier versions too.

Baby steps
03/29/2001 1:39 PM PST ~As the Apple Turns
That's not to say Mac OS X is slow, per se, but even Apple itself has copped to the fact that those missing features are due out in a point (or a point-point) release. But when? And what's it going to fix? Of course nobody knows for sure, but As the Apple Turns thinks it'll be sooner than later - like this week.

Steve comes through again
03/28/2001 11:13 AM PST ~As the Apple Turns
Quick - what do Mister T and Steve Jobs have in common? They're both down on red meat? Besides that, they both make wishes come true - and not just on teevee.

Get your Mac's ears on
03/28/2001 10:36 AM PST ~MacSpeech
Ok, so you want in on that exhilaration of being a new-software guinea pig, but not to the Mac OS X-treme? MacSpeech is looking for beta testers for iListen 1.1, the company's speech recognition program. Unless you're X-less for lack of hardware - iListen packs about the same requirements as OS X.

MS cooks up another standard
03/28/2001 6:00 AM PST ~MacAddict
And we're invited. With the expected fanfare this morning, Microsoft released a new and allegedly revolutionary codec for Windows Media Player: Windows Media Audio and Video 8. Among its key features is full support for the also-released Windows Media Player 7 for Mac, and a possible MP3 killer.

03/27/2001 6:02 PM PST ~The Doctor
You may have heard Mac OS X supports PPPoE and other high-speed Internet connections, but how do you set it up? Pretty much the same as you did last time; check into our Mac clinic and we'll walk you through it. OS X doesn't support processor-upgrade cards, but we'll point you to some unsupported end-arounds for older Macs and clones.

Who let the dogcow in?
03/27/2001 11:46 AM PST ~As the Apple Turns
And more perplexing: what's she doing in the Carbon frameworks? But really, who cares - she's back! If you're one of these Johnnies come lately, go to school on Clarus the Dogcow at Apple's Developer Connection site - heck, old-timers should also go there for some fond reminiscence. Then check As the Apple Turns for the moof on Clarus' hidden digs in OS X.

If you can't pass, don't test
03/27/2001 11:03 AM PST ~
Why didn't we think of that? Wily reader Mark Innes was bitten by Apple's amnesia-inducing firmware update, and did what any rational Mac addict would do: disable the Mac's startup Memory Test (that's Command-Option while opening the Memory control panel). It worked for him. If you're not so lucky, MRP reports at least one vendor is offering replacements if their RAM chokes on Apple Firmware 4.1.8.

Beware the (in)firmware
03/26/2001 3:28 PM PST ~MacFixIt
If you've heard of - or fallen victim to - the, um, high standards imposed by Apple's latest firmware update (4.17/4.18, for slot-loaded CD/DVD iMacs, AGP G4s, FireWire 'Books), check MacFixIt before throwing out those newly-incompatible RAM chips (or before swearing off Apple firmware updates - again). One wily reader discovered a way to trick his Mac into playing nice with aftermarket RAM.

Don't hold your breath
03/26/2001 2:24 PM PST ~Noah Foolin?
Our old pal Rich Pizor hipped us to some wild speculation that we're sure Napster fans will love. Seems one proud recipient of a new G4 PowerBook saw the writing on the wall - or at least the musicians on the stage and the (i)Tunes on the disk... Draw your wackiest conclusion, then see what one man thinks might could be maybe going to happen someday.

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